Solar Panel Installers - What You Need To Know

Finding qualified solar panel installers is usually motivated by an interest in saving money or increasing the value of your house. However, there are some additional things that you will need to do prior to starting your search for a qualified solar panel installer. First, you will want to investigate federal and local rebates, incentives, and technologies, the overall quality and longevity of their work, and their experience with solar energy systems. While a solar panel installer like Blue Raven solar can offer a wide range of services, like installation, wiring, and placement, you will also need to have a clear understanding of the process so you can assess their level of expertise. 

If you are interested in hiring professionals, these are some tips for finding qualified professionals.
Many solar panel installers work on a contract basis with their clients. This is a great way to get experienced installers without paying out-of-pocket up front. Typically, the installation company will send the client pictures of the completed system and give a verbal estimate on a fixed rate for the electricity generated. The actual contractor then estimates the electricity generation for the duration of the anticipated time period. In most states, the electric company must issue a written estimate of the electricity produced during the time period. However, if the estimate is for an unlimited period, the contractor may require an additional deposit.

When interviewing solar panel installers, ask them about their experience with various types of energy systems, including large solar energy systems, solar hot water systems, as well as other types of solar installation. It is important to know what type of equipment the installer has been trained with. For instance, a qualified installer will be familiar with wind generators, photovoltaic panels, concentrating solar energy systems (CSP), and battery systems. Ask the installer which types of equipment they prefer working with.

Some solar panel installers work in the mobile type of business. These installers typically transport the solar power systems from site to site, once the initial construction has been completed. These solar energy installation technicians may prefer to work on a one-to-one basis with clients, so it may be necessary to arrange for a consultation prior to having the project completed. Once the system is installed, these qualified professionals are responsible for maintaining it in good working order.

Many solar panel installers prefer to work on a contractual basis with their clients. Contractors typically agree to pay a certain amount of money upfront as an upfront fee and agreed to compensate the client for any electricity surplus over their estimated consumption over a set period of time. However, in some cases this arrangement may result in the installer retaining the full rights to sell any excess electricity generated by their system. 

It should be noted that many states require that the solar technology used by these solar panel installers be certified by the state. Learn more about the latest technology by checking your preferred installer. In most states, this certification must be filed with the state energy board. The license to operate for this type of business is typically based upon the level of certification obtained.

While the solar panel installation market can seem overwhelming, there are numerous reputable solar panel manufacturers and reputable installers to select from. There is no reason to feel trapped by the seemingly overwhelming choice of companies to work with. With a bit of due diligence, the right company and installer can help to make the right choice for your home or business.

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